Exclusive: Friday The 13th Script Revealed!

The first image from the upcoming remake of Friday the 13th hit the internet this weekend.

(via ShockTillYouDrop)

We’re excited to bring you an exclusive first look at the script for this scene, after the jump.


A girl swims naked in a lake by herself, enjoying the freedom of total privacy and enjoying the wonders of nature. She giggles and splashes, not noticing that a figure has emerged from the mists of the forest bank. It’s Jason, the serial killer. The girl turns and sees him.


Come on in, the water’s perfect.

Jason removes his ripped, bloodstained t-shirt and cannonballs into the lake. He swims over to the girl, who giggles and pulls at his mask.


I love swimming! You’re silly!

He lightly pushes her hand away by stabbing a knife through it. They play Marco Polo for hours. Every time the girl is hiding, Jason finds her by holding his knife out and trying to feel for her by knife touch. They rest on the side of the lake, staring up into the trees, wondering at the beauty of it all. She jumps back into the water and beckons to Jason. He jumps in too. They swim, limbs entwined, enjoying the cool rush. Then Jason stabs her to death and heads back to the campgrounds for the others.

I read somewhere that the Academy had decided to take Diablo Cody’s Oscar back and give it to me for my blogging.