Sexman Steals My Dark Knight Review

God damn it. I saw Dark Knight last night, and stayed up until three in the morning writing a review of it only to find out that Sexman had already posted his review, and they are word for word exactly the same.

Actually, there’s one main difference. The part where Sexman says “But with this one, Batman is a vigilante, and he’s like a hero. Well, police, some police, the police commissioner likes him and stuff, but some peop–, he’s a…inspiration and hope. Uh, to the people,” in my review I wrote “But with this one, Batman is a, uh, vigilante, and he’s like a hero, and stuff. Well, police, the police, some police, a police, all police, the police guy likes him, but some people he’s, people, and hope. You know?” But that’s the only difference. Everything else is verbatim the same.

Seriously, though, you guys, Dark Knight! What a great movie. I can’t believe no one’s talking about it.