All The Seth Rogen And Will Ferrell That’s Fit To Print

If the least funny thing on Earth is someone trying to explain comedy, then surely someone trying to explain comedy to the New York Times has to be at the bottom of that bottom tier. It’s right down there with AIDS, Darfur, and Carlos Mencia (I also blog at Oh, and it’s filmed in black and white? Perfect. But whatever. We don’t look to the New York Times for laughs. We look to it for powerful stories about hipsters getting locked in bars, and harrowing on-the-ground reports of what’s going on with the cats in Iraq.

Stately interviews with jokesmiths Seth Rogen and Will Ferrell after the jump. SPOILER ALERT: they’re both just doing comedy to get laid.

Seth Rogen:

Will Ferrell:

It is a good thing that the New York Times isn’t a newspaper about video editing, because they would be the worst at it. This just in, I’m an idiot.