Al Reynolds Is Just Calling To Say He’s Never Calling Again And Also He’s Not Gay

If anyone still cares (because it was okay to care for five minutes in 2005 as part of a complete Star-Jones-hating package) whether or not Star’s ex Al Reynolds is gay, he has finally broken his silence to the ironically titled Celeb TV:

(Via Best Week Ever) It’s funny because he’s like “Oh my god, does anyone care anymore about the thing I used to not want to discuss? Nevermind, let’s discuss it!” Also, he speaks so slowly that this seems like one of those “drunk” Jeff Goldblum videos. And I imagine the Celeb TV people had fun both writing and reciting this info-chocked sentence:

He still loves Star, they had a prenup, he has no regrets, and he’s not fading away.

Yes, he is.