Duh: Gary Busey Is An Insane Person

A business telephone company (sure, that’s a thing) hired Gary Busey to make ads featuring his “ideas” to promote its service, because if there’s one thing that every executive learns in marketing school, it’s to associate your product with a deeply unwell man who speaks in an incomprehensible string of unmedicated insanity.

(via Gawker via BWE)

“How about putting a sticker on your face that says ‘Put Medicine In Me’? You won’t be saving the environment, but you’ll be letting people know that if they are a doctor they might be able to help you.”

A couple more ads after the jump.

The only thing more difficult to wrap your mind around than Gary Busey is a Gary Busey “employee”:

Also, this exists:

Yeah, “THEY” are right, the kids have too much homework. I know that this goes without saying, but WHAT? That’s probably what the people close to Mr. Busey are always finding themselves repeating. “I know this goes without saying, but get your penis out of the potatoes.” “I know this goes without saying, but no, the ocean doesn’t have a brain.” Watch the rest of the ads here.