Crazy Guy From Crazy Love Demands That HBO Show His Shitty Old Movie

Just weeks after the announcement that HBO is making a fictional film based on the documentary Crazy Love, Burt Pugach, aka “the guy who mutilated a woman’s face and later married her” is suing HBO and the film’s director Dan Klores for stealing his life story, reports RadarOnline:

But when Klores called Pugach to tell him the good news, the disbarred lawyer was less than thrilled. Yesterday he filed a $15 million lawsuit in Queens County Supreme Court against Klores, his attorneys and HBO, claiming they falsely enticed him and his wife Linda into signing over the rights to their story.

But even a $15 million payout may be less punishing than Pugach’s second demand. In return for his participation, he is also asking HBO to broadcast his never-before-released feature, Death Over My Shoulder, a 1958 crime drama that Pugach produced with a retired industry investigator named Bob Janoff.

“And while we’re at it, show my stupid movie!” Burt Pugach is the worst person in the world, worse than Denise Richards even, but you have to sort of marvel in disgusted awe at his sense of entitlement.