The Emmy Nominations Are Out And Lipstick Jungle Got Robbed!

So the Emmy nominations were announced today, and a wave of shock and hurt is passing over the internet, as Lipstick Jungle, “The one with Brooke Shields” and “The greatest television program ever” received not one single nomination.

Despite a campaign by NBC that included this masterfully-designed political style button that was sure to sway the votes of every Emmy voter who glimpsed it on a fan’s lapel, the gritty, eye-opening drama about the delicate ecosystem of institutions and individuals, such as Louis Vuitton and Brooke Shields, and the surprising ways they impact one another and the city of New York, was suspiciously overlooked by the academy. While fans mourn this tragic oversight by Emmy voters, who are either sexist or opposed to edgy things or just don’t get it, we look forward to Season 2 of “The Jungle,” as it’s known to fans. In keeping with the show’s unique seasonal focus on a particular aspect of the city (Season 1 was “The Shoes”), the next season will take us on a journey of discovery as the show explores “The Handbags.” If Season 1 was any indication, viewers will find themselves surprised by how deeply creator Candace Bushnell, who based the series on a friend who spent years in the shopping trenches, can make us care about something as boring and mundane-seeming as handbags.

But there is some justice! Both Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer received nominations for Two And A Half Men, which was also nominated for Best Comedy Series.