Aaron Eckhart: “Heath Ledger Will Live On Through His iPod”

Oh man, with total apologies, Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal were on The Today Show this morning, and this clip from the show has been titled “Aaron Eckhart Tells Moving Story About Heath Ledger’s iPod”, so, um, yeah. It is a moving story about Heath’s friends passing along his favorite music to each other, but it would be so much less cringe-worthy if “record collection” were substituted for “iPod”:

It’s also creepy because they’re all using their weird low-toned “someone died” voices to talk about “crazy whacked out music nobody’s ever heard of” on an iPod. It is just impossible to say “iPod” in a serious context, even for Aaron Eckhart. He might want to take that story out of his Dark Knight publicity tour repertoire.