A Campaign To Save It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia From Itself

Last week I talked about my gentle disappointment in the trajectory of FX’s sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I basically said that the first season was hilarious, and that you couldn’t help but love the show for its low budget, offbeat comedy, but that ever since they added Danny DeVito and were asked to sit at the head of the FX fall lineup table, things have been going steadily downhill. I was wrong. Look at this fucking poster. That’s not downhill, that’s downcliff. That poster is your boyfriend. It comes to us via Collider, who also has a bunch of the promos FX will be running to hype up the show’s fourth season debut on September 18th, including jokes like “circle of jerks,” and “it’s normal to feel dirty after,” and “it’s like an STD for your television.” IT’S LIKE AN UGH FOR MY BRAIN.

It’s a sign of how much goodwill I still bear for this show that after two middling seasons, I still hold out high hopes that it will return to greatness, but this is becoming unacceptable. We have to start a letter writing campaign or something to get these guys back on track. What’s Bruce Villanch doing, can we get Bruce Villanch in there? Bruce Villanch should have full creative control of this show. They need an adult.

You know when a captain goes down with the ship it’s a mark of honor, but it doesn’t mean he’s happy about it. Why are these guys so gladly willing to throw their baby under the mediocrity bus? It used to be great, you guys.

But it’s dropped.