BREAKING HUGE NEWS: Amy Poehler Is Joining The Office Spinoff!

Oh. My. God. First Aziz Ansari, now this news for the project known as The Office spinoff: The Hollywood Reporter says maybe:

Poehler is in talks to star in NBC’s spinoff of “The Office,” sources said.

NBC and “Office” creator Greg Daniels have been mum on details about the project. The only actor cast in it so far is comedian Aziz Ansari, but it’s thought that the show might be built around a name actor, in much the same way as NBC’s remake of the U.K. series is anchored by Steve Carell.

But Ain’t It Cool News says definitely:

Poehler will star in the new series alongside fellow sketch-show vet Aziz Ansari (“Human Giant”)

What does this mean for Saturday Night Live? Who gives a shit! Let’s all dance in the streets. The new show, which is looking less like a spinoff and more of a show-by-the-same-guys, premieres after the Super Bowl in February, issuing in a whole new golden era of television that will henceforth be known as “The Tina And Amy Years.”