Bill Murray Interviewed On Fancy Film Snob Show

When I first read that the film critic Elvis Mitchell had a new interview show on TCM called Under The Influence, I thought he was going to interview famous people while they were drunk. I blame the entire rest of television for that sad easy mistake. Instead it’s a kind of much less annoying Inside The Actor’s Studio where actors talk about the movies that influenced them. The show premiered last week with the late Sydney Pollack, and last night the subject was the rarely-interviewed Bill Murray. Here he talks about the part of acting that nobody ever thinks about — the part where you’re crouching next to a camera making faces at your scene partner so they can give a good performance in their close-ups.

Under The Influence is (so far) a four-part series airing Mondays at 8pm. There are more videos on their site, including clips from upcoming interviews with Laurence Fishburne and Quentin Tarantino.