Joel McHale Is Getting Famouser And Famouser

The August issue of Details has a nice profile of Joel McHale, who opens up in his “thinking woman’s hearthrob” way about his aspirations as a serious actor, what it’s like to balance his job hosting The Soup with being my boyfriend, and, of course, Tyra:

“Her greatest fear in life is dolphins,” he says. “How can you not make fun of that? And Tyra, I will continue to talk about you if you continue to talk about whore baths.” He gets giddy explaining the term: “It’s when you clean your armpits with a wet paper towel or baby wipes,” he says. “She’s said it like 20 times.”

They also reveal that he wears red boxers. Joel continued his publicity tour yesterday with a visit to his victims Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb, who at the very least have more of a sense of humor about themselves than Tyra. Video here.