The Adam Chu Dance Crew’s Nuclear Weapon

As we all wait with bated breath (nullus) for the Adam Chu Dance Crew vs. Miley and Mandy YouTube Dance Battle to leave the confines of the internet and take to the streets, ACDC has released a video featuring their newest member, Little Demon, and can I just say that he’s got more talent in his footy pajamas than Miley Cyrus has in her whole shower?

Little Demon for President of The Party. Man, those little girls are really going to get crushed, but Adam Chu might want to take it easy on the self-promotion. I don’t pay YouTube an exorbitant monthly user fee to watch people shill their Blu Ray DVDs. Not to mention the egregious lack of respect he’s showing to the fine tradition of web-based dance competitions.

Also, I have jury duty tomorrow, you guys, so enjoy the inevitable that Lindsay has in store for you, and hopefully I will be back Wednesday because I can’t handle the truth.