Is This What The WE Channel Thinks Is Porn?

Wow. I went to the We channel website because someone sent me a link to one of their housewife shows, and I’ve instead become fascinated with one of their features called “Hot Coffee Break“, which as far as I can tell, is a new black-and-white video every day in July of a different man with a shaved chest silently doing something mundane. Like in “Shower,” a guy gets ready for a shower. And in “Workout” a guy works out. Yesterday’s, “Proposal,” had the suspenseful arc of a guy removing a box with a ring from a drawer (sorry about the ad):

They’re all like that. You can also rate the guys on the site. But why? Who is this aimed at? I thought I was demographically confused by WE’s disturbingly sincere Puppy Weddings, but at least that could be directed towards small children. Please tell me “Hot Coffee Break” is not what the women of America want. It’s just creepy.