Wendy Williams Drinks White Wine With John Legend In Her Head

The Wendy Williams Show finally started its six week trial run this morning! Wendy’s show joins The View and Kathie Lee’s Today Show fourth hour in proving that the 10-11 am network time slot is permanently reserved for crazy women talking about whatever they want. Wendy’s debut this morning was a bit disappointing in that she didn’t make any serious live gaffes, but she did a segment where she explained her little catchphrases so viewers can understand what she means when she says stuff like “friends in my head.” Wendy assures us that having famous “friends in your head” “doesn’t mean you’re crazy,” but then she tells us about how Heather Locklear is her friend in her head because she has a child the same age as one of Wendy’s miscarriages. And because Heather bought strip-malls in the ’80s. I don’t know either.

I have higher hopes for tomorrow’s show, where the guest will be the man Gabe hates the most: Mr. Al Roker.