Dear Tropic Thunder Marketing Team: You Are Overhyping Your Movie

There probably are still many people out there in America and the world who, if you mentioned Tropic Thunder, the new movie coming out August 22, would say “What’s Tropic Thunder?” But everyone else is probably, like me, getting a little tired of the TT hype. It was cute last week when that trailer for the movie-about-the-movie-within-the-movie, Rain Of Madness, came out, but today they released outtakes from Rain Of Madness in the form of this “production journal”, and now they’re kind of pushing it:

I mean, I get it: they’re taking the whole meta thing to its absolute extremes, but I swear to god, if there’s a director’s cut or Coogan-voiced commentary version of this video I’m going to wait an entire week to see the movie when it comes out in pointless protest.