“Hey, Anyone Want To Go To The Frog Bear And Wild Boar Bar?”

Maybe this is a big running joke in the city of Columbus, Ohio, but there’s apparently a bar there called “The Frog Bear And Wild Boar Bar”, and that name is either brilliantly or stupidly bizarre, so someone had to put their New Year’s Eve commercial on YouTube yesterday. When people make plans to go there, do they say out loud “The Frog Bear And Wild Boar Bar”? Or do they call it the “FBAWBB”? Just “The Frog Bear”? I kind of actually want to know:

“Featuring Lt. Dan’s New Legs”? What? Turns out that the fictional character played by Gary Sinise in Forrest Gump still ain’t got no legs: it’s a hip-hop band that “creates an environment where it’s nearly impossible to stop dancing.” Get it? Legs? I think we’ve all learned a lot about Columbus, clubs, or YouTube, or America today.