You Can Only Speak If You Have The Fried Conch Basket With Spicy Mayo

This is the true story of what happens when 20 people who already know each other from other reality shows have their overly mediatized non-lives taped some more to find out what really happens when people continue to stop being polite and start getting drunk on an island and yelling at each other.

(via BWE)

I’m almost ashamed at much I support this show. The key is DVR’ing it so that you can fast forward through all the inevitable flag-grabbing and catapult-building challenges and just get to the skull cracking and the standing alone. I know that in reality there’s a massive production crew on the “deserted island,” with medical services and Guitar Hero and probably a Senor Frogs and a thatch-roofed Bennigan’s, but just the implication, the shadow of a hope that one of these people might eat another one, that’ll do, Piggy, that’ll do.