Todd Hanson From The Onion Was On TV Yesterday!

The Onion people usually stay pretty behind the scenes, presumably preferring to let their satirical empire speak for itself rather than run around making everyone sick of them. And that’s perfect, because it’s more of a treat when an Onion editor graces us with his physical form and verbal opinions. Todd Hanson, who’s been at The Onion for eighteen of its nearly twenty years (he doesn’t look old because remember, The Onion was a college paper then), was on G4’s Attack Of The Show yesterday, talking about Fox News, the success of the Onion News Network, and why The Onion has no competition because they invented fake news:

We get really mad at other shows that stole our idea to do fake news. SNL stole our idea when we were 8. National Lampoon stole our idea before we were even born, the 19th Century magazine Punch stole our idea.

Video after the jump.

(Despite their choice to illustrate it with a picture of Bruno, I promise that this video is an interview with Todd Hanson.)

Todd is on my short list (which I actually have as a Word Doc) for “person to replace Andy Rooney when he dies” — the highest compliment that can be bestowed on a human being.