Did You Hear What That C-List Kettle Just Called That A-List Pot?

Even a broken doctor is a raging narcissist with no self-awareness twice a day:

A study released a few years ago by none other than Dr. Drew Pinsky concludes that, compared with the average person, celebrities are more in love with themselves. They also crave attention, think way too highly of their abilities, lack empathy and can display erratic behavior, according to the standard definition of narcissism.

Pinsky made the conclusion after examining 200 celebrities who visited him on his Loveline radio show. During breaks in taping, he administered a well-respected test called the Narcissistic Personality Inventory.

For the record, Pinsky has said that the Biz doesn’t turn people into freaks. The freaks seek out the Biz. [emphasis mine.]

“People who need to become celebrities, actors, whatever it might be, do tend to have higher incidence of personality problems in the narcissistic spectrum,” Pinsky told Anderson Cooper recently.

(via E!)

I’m just going to keep collecting this evidence because I believe that there is justice in the world, even if you have to make it yourself, and that one day I will be called before the Court of Fucking Liars to testify, and I want to make sure certain people are sentenced appropriately.