The Arcade Fire Of Scripted Sitcoms

It was very exciting to discover the first season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on a random Tuesday night at 11PM. Watching those first episodes was the TV equivalent of discovering Arcade Fire. It genuinely felt like no one else in the world knew about it. Our private dancer, dancing for laughter. My roommate burned them onto a DVD and we forced anyone who came over to watch it. I’ve seen the original six episodes a dozen times.

But it’s been going slowly downhill for me, starting with the addition of Danny DeVito to the cast, and continuing all the way up to this Fred Savage directed Jeru the Damaja music video to promote season 4, which premieres September 18th.

Woof. As with the previous two seasons, I am sure that I will watch the new episodes sporadically, occasionally laughing, but mostly just complaining to anyone who comes over how the show’s not what it used to be. Because I liked it before everyone thought it was cool, which makes me so cool. It’s so over. I’m totally into other shows now, stuff you haven’t even heard of. A bunch of Canadian TV you can’t even get around here.