Admit To God And To Ourselves That We Are Powerless Over Gary Busey

The New York Post today is reporting that Gary Busey’s participation in the second season of Celebrity Rehab turned out to be unhelpful, disruptive to the patients, and dangerous, i.e. a typical day in the life of Gary Busey. Who did they think they were getting to come on the show? Nick Nolte?

At some point during the 21-day program, Busey’s altercations with the rest of the cast became so intense, he and another celebrity rehabber had to be physically separated. Press materials released by VH1 have been careful to stipulate that Busey was not on the show as a patient, but as a rehabbed substance abuser there simply to help the others.

Wait, Busey wasn’t checking into Celebrity Rehab for treatment, but to mentor recovering drug addicts? They always say that you have to hit rock bottom before you’ll seek help, but what if the help you get is Gary Busey? What’s below rock bottom? I know that it’s like shooting Gary Busey in a barrel to talk about how crazy he is, but he is really very, very crazy. I was hoping there would be some online video of him slapping Dr. Drew in the face and telling him about the enlightenment of pure suffering, but there isn’t, so after the jump I’ve posted an old interview with Gary Busey. I think it gets the point across.

Man, Gary Busey, you guys. Where’s the Timothy Treadwell who’s brave enough to go live among the wild Busey? Sure, he will eventually turn on you, and eat you alive, but to be out there, man vs. wild, witnessing God’s mystery. I would watch that show.