Queen Bees Is Intervention But For Mean Girls

Queen Bees, a show where seven horrible young women are tricked into thinking they’re going to be on a modeling reality show but instead have to learn to be nice, starts tonight on The N. They’re postitioning the show as educational, which is fine, but the real reason this show exists is because it’s extremely satisfying to see evil mean girls knocked down a peg. And these girls are truly awful — The N has put up the first ten minutes of the show, in which they brag about their crimes, like one chick who told her boyfriend she was pregnant just to get attention. The funny thing is, these girls are exactly like the girls on ANTM. Exactly. Except, oops, not as good-looking. Like Stassi, who struggles to bear the burden of a kind of physical perfection that only she can see:

I like how at the end she clearly knows the name of the show is Queen Bees, but it apparently never occurs to her that it’s about mean girls.