Brooke Knows Worst

Despite a pretty rough year (brother in jail, parents divorcing), Brooke Hogan is “excited” for her new reality show to begin on VH1, Brooke Knows Best. Most people would probably avoid a hovering camera crew during the dissolution of their family, but as Brooke explained to the AP:

Associated Press: What made you want to do another reality show?

Brooke Hogan: The first four times we did the reality show, I didn’t have my stuff together with my music career. So this time, I’m like, all right, I have to start recording an album and using this TV show to my benefit, other than just letting these cameras come into my life to make ratings (laughs). And plus, I have to admit I really do miss the guys when they’re gone, because they’re like built-in family now, all the cameramen and stuff. So it’s like, “Ah man, I really hate being followed all the time, but OK, come back. You guys are cute.”

Um, anytime that you start an explanation with “The first four times we did the reality show,” you should end the explanation with “so that’s why this gun is in my mouth.”

Brooke Knows Best trailer after the jump.

Why do they keep talking about the 19 years she spent in the Hogan household? I mean, where did she spend the other 38 year years? Brooke Hogan is 47 years old. And while I’m not scientist, I’m confident that if you did the math you would discover that this is the worst show ever. It would look something like Brooke Hogan + Miami + Gay Choreographer + Limited Vocabulary + Divorce + Foam Party = “so that’s why this gun is in my mouth.”