Sacha Baron Cohen To Join The Cast Of Bruno Some More

More Bruno news today. Earlier this week it was revealed that Sacha Baron Cohen’s homophobe-baiting follow-up to Borat would feature a horrible, horrible hummus joke. Then on Tuesday stories surfaced of a cage fighting match in Arkansas that turned into a riot-spawning no holds barred kiss party. And today we learn that Bruno won’t be the only character Cohen plays in the film. From G4 (via FilmDrunk):

According to a source close to the production, the upcoming movie by Sacha Baron “Borat” Cohen isn’t only about his Bruno character. Instead, Cohen will be playing “Straight Dave,” a gay man trying to hide his sexuality by living an ultra-straight lifestyle. Apparently, Cohen feels Bruno is too well known to get away with being the only character in the feature.

The idea of the Straight Dave character could lead to all kinds of hilarious situations with people who hate other people for their sexual orientation, but the name is kind of a giveaway. I think Sacha Baron Cohen should probably have avoided telegraphing the joke so quickly by keeping the earlier version of this character, who had the much more unassuming name Jonathan Antin.

When Jonathan Antin sees that clip he cries, not because he’s embarrassed or recognizes how ridiculous everything that he says is, but because Jonathan Antin is always crying.