From G’s To Gents Looks Racist, Hilarious

You guys, I saw this trailer for From G’s to Gents during the Real World last night. We’ve got to watch this. It’s like VH1’s Charm School, except it’s not former reality show contestants getting a makeover, it’s just straight up clowns and that guy who used to stand next to Puff Daddy.

I’m sure the mention of Jamie Foxx’s Academy Award is going to be a big draw for people. “Oh, I thought it looked like another trashy reality show filled with some of the most intense racism I’ve seen in awhile, but now that you mention that there’s an Academy Award showcased on the mantle of someone involved with the show, I will definitely watch.”

Fonzworth Bentley pimps the show (Get it? Kill me.) in the New York Post today, saying:

We found guys who want to make a change. That’s the key. To be a gentleman, you have to want to be a gentleman. One guy was addicted to drugs and has a 2-year-old daughter. One guy was homeless. One gentleman has been fired from every job for violence, either for hitting an employee or the boss.

Yup. Just dudes who want to make a change. And the always charitable work of Chris Abrego, a man who’s dedicated his life in the tradition of the selfless Dr. Drew Pinsky towards making sure people have the opportunity (opportunity means a bunkbed in a group bedroom in a fake mansion and tons of alcohol with producers encouraging extroverts with poor decision making skills to just be themselves) to make that change.