God’s Pottery Moves Into The Last Comic Standing House Tonight

As unlikely as it seems, God’s Pottery, a fake Christian band, has made it to the final 12 on Last Comic Standing. God’s Pottery is made up comedians Wilson Hall and Krister Johnson who go by the names “Gideon” and “Jeremiah” for the sake of the parody, which is so spot-on that it’s actually been embraced by some Christian groups who are in on the joke. Tonight, NBC will air THREE HOURS of LCS content — an hour-long catch-up show and then a 2-hour regular episode. Here’s a preview of a God’s Pottery’s set that’s a little racier than the stuff they’ve done on the show so far:

God’s Pottery can be a little too obvious/broad, and not that the winner of Last Comic Standing becomes a household name, but it would be awesome if they won. America would not know what to do with them.