Friday Night Lights Loses Two Teammates

Sad news, Dillon Panthers. As Entertainment Weekly reported last night, two members of the championship team, Jason Street and Smash Williams, will have four-episode story arcs in the third season, and then they will move out of Dillon.

In a just-released statement, exec producer Jason Katims says, “Pete Berg, myself and our fellow producers have enormous respect for Scott and Gaius both as actors and individuals. In short, we love them. However, both of their characters have now graduated and in the creative spirit of the show, we have decided to give them powerful four episode arcs that will observe their characters as they launch themselves into the next phase of their lives. We certainly will keep the door open for both actors to return in the future, depending on the actors’ availabilities. We know both Scott and Gaius will go on to have enormous success and we wish the best for both of them.”

If I’ve learned anything from television, it’s that you’re always supposed to shove your characters into increasingly impossible stories in order to entrap them in a less and less realistic over-arching structure of a house or town that never changes. It’s called entertainment. But whatever. Jason Street was getting boring and Smash Williams constant bragging was one dimensional. Besides, as long as they find a way to keep failing Tim Riggins so he can never graduate high school without disrespecting the audience, I’ll be satisfied (nullus).

Although this inevitably means they’re going to be adding new characters, which is almost always the worst part of any show. Why is it that we can send a man to the moon but we can’t figure out how to seamlessly work in new characters on scripted television? Get to work, science.

Also, I still don’t understand how season 3 is even going to work. It’s going to air on Direct TV first and then NBC will broadcast the episodes months later? Welcome to Spoiler City, population everyone who doesn’t have Direct TV. A rare miss, NBC. Just kidding, you miss all the time. Thank you for rewarding fans of the show with a third season renewal, but not rewarding us too much by actually giving us the show like human beings. If I wanted to watch season 3 of Friday Night Lights in Communist Russia I would build a time machine and go back there. Well, I would build a time machine and go to the future and get season 3 on DVD and then I would go back there.