Intervention Creator Accidentally Smoked Heroin

This weekend, The Washington Post did an interview with Sam Mettler, creator and executive producer of the disputed best reality show on TV, Intervention. Mettler talks about the show’s success rate (70%) and its power to change people’s lives. Also, his dad’s bad cologne was the “addiction” that gave him the idea for Intervention, and he ingested heroin once on the show by mistake:

On his inspiration for the show:

One day, I called my sister and I said, “We gotta do an intervention with Dad on his cologne.” I had been trying to come up with an idea for a new show . . . and I thought, ” ‘Intervention.’ That’s it.”

On accidentally doing heroin because of a contact high:

I was sitting on floor interviewing her in her very tiny girls’ pink bedroom full of teddy bears in Salt Lake City. The room was filled with heroin smoke. I was not realizing that what she was missing with her straw was being drawn right into my lungs. I stood up and immediately I fell down onto her bed. I could not stop shaking and drooling. I felt horribly sick. It lasted maybe 45 minutes.

(The best reality show on TV airs Monday nights at 9 on A&E.)