The “Talk To Me Pin” Will Render Internet Dating Obsolete

This is actually real: introducing the Talk To Me Pin! Now, for just $48.95, you can wear a little gold pin that says “TTM” and lets everyone in the “secret society of over 100 million singles” know that you want to be talked to. These cheesy commercials have been airing in the DC area for a few weeks, and are finally online today. I don’t know which is my favorite — the foreign chick who says “In my country, we don’t have anything like talk to me pin” or the fake newscaster who pretends the Talk To Me Pin is breaking news:

I highly encourage exploring the Talk To Me pin site, which contains such gems as an endorsement by Mike O’Harro,

“creator of the American Sports Bar concept (Champions), charter member of the Nite Club and Bar Hall of Fame and widely known as the King of Disco…”

At first glance, I thought the Talk To Me Pin was so Milhouse, but now it’s clear that it’s so Disco Stu.