Nicolas Cage Acts Like He’s Good At Math

Here’s the trailer for The Number 24 Knowing, you guys:

I’m excited for the inevitable “writing math equations in grease pencil on a mirror and/or window,” and “scribbling the numbers onto the wall of your dining room because that makes more sense than finding a piece of paper” scenes, and by “excited” I of course mean “I already hate this movie log10 to the Good Will Hunting power.”

At least Hollywood has learned the lesson of Chain Reaction in which we were supposed to believe that Keanu Reeves was a genius because he wore a Harvard sweatshirt. The lesson being people don’t need all those fancy costumes. You just have a tired looking Nicolas Cage walk into a scientist’s laboratory and say “I was up all night doing really hard math and I think I solved all the mysteries.” I mean, that’s what you do if you want to make a movie that looks like a horrible 90-minute plot hole.