Please Let Jesse Duckie Win The Bachelorette Tonight


Tonight’s the big night! The prettiest Bachelorette in all of Bachelorette history, DeAnna Pappas, will choose between Jesse (Duckie) and that boring guy with a kid who he allowed to be shown on a TV dating show because he sucks. I used to think Jesse, the snowboarder whose league DeAnna is out of, was only kept around (as DeAnna actually calls it) because DeAnna was afraid that she would choose the wrong real guys and would need him around as a hedge against rejection. But Jesse has revealed himself to be a real contender, be he “shredding” on his snowboard in “Breck” or winning “D”‘s heart. I kid, but he’s great. Team Jesse! DeAnna went on Good Morning America this morning to confirm her engagement and promote tonight’s finale:

Prediction: if Jesse doesn’t win tonight, he will be given a makeover and chosen as the next Bachelor.