Louis C.K.’s Second Best Helicopter Joke

It is, of course, a Videogum Promise that we will post anything involving Louis C.K., so I’m happy to present you with this outtake from a Louis C.K. sketch show pilot that was never picked up.

Although it’s important to note that while a dynamic helicopter shot of Louis C.K. reading a book on a bridge about explosions because he can’t afford actual explosions is funny, it’s not even his best helicopter work.

This is, in my opinion, Louis C.K.’s best helicopter joke.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Louis C.K. is basically a viable form of Communism. LET ME EXPLAIN. The only way that Communism could truly take root and thrive as a political system would be if all the generations of people who had grown accustomed and attached to the system of personal material wealth were dead. Then the idea of communal living in which everyone played a role in the grand machine would not be seen as a sacrifice for the betterment of people with fewer material possessions or a grand equalizer, but simply the way the world functioned. Similarly, everyone who has grown accustomed and attached to shitty comedy has to die before Louis C.K. will rightfully be elected President of Jokes. Clearly I know how governments work.