I Ain’t Here To Make No Friends

One of my ideas for failed reality shows (but not So You Think You Can Tickle, which would be a successful reality show) is called Here To Make Friends. It’s a show where 7 strangers or whatever are chosen to live together and make friends, and it would exist solely to be the mythical “other” implied on every competition-based reality show ever, because the biggest reality show cliche ever is the line “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to win.” Rich Four Four, in his infinite generosity, has taken the time to make the ultimate reality show montage: I’m Not Here To Make Friends (every time someone says they’re not here to make friends, take a drink!):

This is the ultimate and there will never be a better representation of the reality tv genre in fan montage form, but if anyone out there has the time I’d love to see a “right reasons” montage just for the Bachelor/Bachelorette.