The Ultimate Argument Settler: The 10 Cutest Baby Duck And Chick Videos

Yesterday, Boing Boing posted ducklings in a bathtub, which are cute, but are they the cutest? Because baby ducks are so cute that they even melted the heart of Tony Soprano, here are the 10 fluffiest, most adorable baby duck and chick videos I could find. Remember, don’t buy ducks or chicks because they grow up and are annoying. Just watch them online instead.

10. A Baby Duck Sweetly Feeds Fish (Not With Himself):

9. How Ducklings Learn To Swim (Contains Suspense!):

8: Baby Duck And Puppies:

7. Two Ducklings In A Bathtub:

6. Baby Chicks Confuse Kitten:

5. Punk Rock Blue And Orange Chicks, With Cockatiel Cameo:

4. Baby Duck Knows He’s Cute, Doesn’t He? Doesn’t He?:

3. Baby Duck Snoring:

2. Baby Chick Falling Asleep:

1. Sleepy Baby Chick In A Sandwich:

Happy duck-and-chick-unrelated holiday!