The Doorman: Like Zoolander But About A Bouncer

You know that short film that appears during award shows like the VH1 Fashion Awards in the ’90s or Comedy Central’s Last Laugh more recently, that follows this exact formula:

Fake documentary follows “iconic” showbiz character who is full of himself but un-self-aware, played usually by someone who was on The Ben Stiller Show (Ben Stiller, Andy Dick, David Cross.)

It’s not a bad formula — it gave us Zoolander, after all, which was a great movie. But watching this trailer for the new movie The Doorman, about a nightclub doorman named Trevor, which follows the formula but with a capable, but unknown lead, it seems like a stretch for a full-length film. Also, aren’t they called “bouncers”?

But hey, it stars fashion icon Kelly Cutrone as herself! And now I feel like a mean person, picking on this indie mocumentary. It looks cute! Just long. (That’s what she said.)