Verne Troyer’s Sex Tape Continues To Exist

Just in case you were worried that Verne Troyer’s attempts to legally block TMZ from posting clips of his sex tape would work, his attention-seeking ex-girlfriend, who’s confused about just what kind of fame leaking a sex tape you made with Verne Troyer is actually going to bring you, has brought her own legal claim. So you can stop worrying and go back to barfing. From the AP:

LOS ANGELES – The woman in a sex tape featuring Verne Troyer — best known for his role in the “Austin Powers” movies — says she allowed celebrity Web site TMZ to broadcast snippets of the tape.

Troyer’s ex-girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, signed a declaration filed in federal court in Los Angeles stating the tape was created with her video camera. Her statement prompted a judge to allow TMZ to reinstate a post featuring snippets of the tape.

It was Colonel Ex-Girlfriend in the Bedroom with Video Camera! Man, she really didn’t want that sex tape with Verne Troyer to go to waste. It makes sense, though. As Lindsay said, if it didn’t get leaked, she’d just be having sex with Verne Troyer. And that would be gross because people who look different should be ridiculed and unloved. Ranae Shrider, everyone. I know it was a tight primary this year, but I really think Hillary paved the way for Shrider in 2012 to win President of Sadness.