Mirrors Isn’t Your Father’s Candyman

If I have to watch this first thing in the morning, you have to watch this first thing in the morning. Red band trailer for Alexandre Aja’s Mirrors, you guys:

Whoa. For the first half of that I was like “Sorry, tough guys, but some of us aren’t scared of Photoshop’s ‘blur’ tool.” But then there was that one lady in the bathtub, and I am definitely scared of her. She is so strong at pulling her own face in half. I will tell you one thing, though, if the mirrors started attacking me and I lived in Kiefer Sutherland’s house, I would definitely be more attentive to mopping up all the water that’s always all over the floor. Sure, we all have water all over the floor all the time, but that’s because we’re not being attacked by mirrors. It’s just common sense.