Seth Rogen Plays A Stoned Guy Who Doesn’t Look Like Gabe In The New Pineapple Express Poster

There are new posters for Pineapple Express today, and the award-winning Apatow movie poster marketing machine is unsurprisingly returning to the formula that worked for The 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, and Knocked Up, with a twist: the big huge heads are now very obviously big huge heads that have been recently smoking pot. Full version after the jump.

(Via TrailerAddict, where there are two more Visine-ready poster versions.)

I have to admit to a little disappointment in this poster, but only because I thought Seth looked kind of like Gabe in the Knocked Up poster, and I was looking forward to spending another blissful summer pointing to bus shelters and yelling “Look, it’s you!”, but I guess it’s time to finally grow up. Thanks, Judd Apatow.