Psychic Kids Is The Most Hilarious Show On TV Right Now

I saw Psychic Kids: Children Of The Paranormal last night by accident and it’s awesome! The setup is basically your average 12-year-old’s slumber party — running around with flashlights, spooking each other out, creating moments of Dr. Pepper-fueled adrenaline hysteria, but instead of regular kids, it’s kids who were recruited through Craig’s List ads as “psychic” — one imagines the headline “Is Your Child A Drama Queen Who Has Had A Nightmare Before?” And instead of ending with weary parents instituting a forced calm by declaring lights out “for real you guys” at midnight, there are adult “demonologists” who indulge each child’s “special psychic gifts.” Also, nothing ever happens by way of evidence that these demons and ghosts exist, except the kids claim to have headaches, see shadows, smell smells or feel cold air. The producers of the show make up for this deficit with creepy music and high-tech special effects like quick cutaways, flashes of colored light, and negative images. I am so hooked!

On last night’s episode, the amazing psychic-kid-enabling host Chip Coffey, of A&E’s other dumb psychic show Paranormal States, along with a local “demonologist” who should narrate every anti-smoking commercial, help 14-year-old Alexa exorcise the demon in her former house. The really supernatural part of this show is how everyone manages to keep a straight face:

I love when the demonologists walk around Febreezing the demons out of the house at the end. I’m never missing this show again.