Sorry Lindsay, But I Hate Dr. Drew

The new season of Lindsay’s favorite show (favorite because she finds it tasteful and respectful) Celebrity Rehab doesn’t start until October, but luckily for her, her boyfriend Dr. Drew is airing a special on VH1 tonight called Dr. Drew Uses Celebrities And Their Addicitons To Promote His Own Career. The show features Dr. Drew’s patented method of wearing clean, solid-colored shirts on television and talking in an even voice to help people better understand that he wants to be famous.

Ugh. Dr. Drew. He should prescribe himself with 30 cc’s of shutting the hell up. I agree with him that drug addiction is a serious problem, and that celebrities in particular are exposed to a multitude of dangers in this regard, but I’m pretty sure they need to seek actual treatment, from actual doctors, not 3 months of being on a reality show with a “doctor” who’d rather be hosting Amazing Race.

This quote from an AP article about tonight’s show is my favorite:

“I don’t like treating celebrities,” he said. “It’s not a group I would seek out of a population I would necessarily treat as a separate goal because they’re very, very difficult.”

You guys, we need to stop forcing Dr. Drew to treat all these celebrities. Here he is, just trying to be such a good doctor, and everyone’s making him use other people’s personal tragedies to further his television career against his will. This is just like that time that we forced Dr. Drew to be the “health and human relations expert” on Big Brother, which totally made him look like an attention-seeking egotist who made up his own ridiculous sounding title just to get his name attached to what he thought was going to be a huge hit. Remember when we forced him to do that? We’re the worst.