Batman Likes His Revenge Cold And His Pizza Terrible

I saw a window poster for this last night and actually laughed out loud, by myself, on the street. I can’t find a picture of that poster, but here’s a picture of what that poster was advertising (via flickr):

After a long night of fighting homicidal maniacs using his military-grade weaponry, Batman likes nothing more than to retire to his secret underground fortress to stew with his tortured thoughts over a terrible franchise pizza with extra pepperoni on it. “I’m sorry, but can the pizza come CLOAKED in pepperoni? It’s kind of an inside joke I have with myself, because I’m the worst.” Ooh, this is deliciously mysterio–[grappling gunshot].

When the moody trailers for this dark reimagining of a borderline anti-hero starring a recently deceased actor in the role of a deeply disturbed sociopath started playing last year I thought to myself “This definitely makes me want to buy something disgusting, I just don’t know what yet.” You finally nailed it, Domino’s. I’m just surprised you don’t have a Gotham Oreo Desert Pizza with a box that says “Riddle Me This: Is There Anything Worse?”