Get Ready For A Viral Video By A Company Called “Analtech”

This is kind of too adorable to even make fun of. A New Jersey Delaware-based biotech company called Analtech, really, spent five figures on what will be a six minute online video touting their product, a process called “thin layer chromatography.” The video, coming out in August, features a cast of 44 and is based on Monty Python And The Holy Grail:

Analtech hopes the video, a spoof of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” will go “viral” and make its way to blogs, Web sites and e-mail inboxes around the world.

Stout’s script features heroine Ana L’Tech using the CycloGraph to prove to an angry mob that she is not a witch, and that the corrupt Sheriff Merck has been impersonating the king.

As Stout said, the online video’s target audience is lab technicians, many of whom likely know the British comedy troupe’s film by heart.

The video will have cameos by Delaware congressman Mike Castle and State Auditor Tom Wagner. This is too lame-sounding to not be awesome. August can’t come fast enough.