David Letterman Enlists Mary Kate Olsen In His War Against Spencer Pratt

Mary Kate Olsen was on Letterman last night, and after some light banter about her recent trip to Bonnaroo and her new movie The Wackness, Letterman deftly shifts the conversation around to his favorite new obsession: Spencer Pratt. As skillfully as Matlock leading an unsuspecting witness down the path to confession, Letterman elicits ant-Spencer details from Mary Kate, such as the fact that he wasn’t a good sport during sports games as a child. Suddenly MK finds herself in the midst of a Spencer slam session, with Letterman asking her repeatedly to agree with his insults. “What a little worm that guy is. Don’t you think he’s a little wormy?” “How did he get so oily at such a young age?”

“But his behavior doesn’t surprise you, right?” Letterman’s persistence is reminiscent of nothing so much as Heidi and Lauren’s shit-talking of each other when they appear on talk shows. But for some reason, it’s hilarious when David Letterman does it. Letterman vs Pratt round two: Letterman wins again.