Ice T’s Jumper Review

Speaking of feuds: after getting responded to last week for telling Soulja Boy to “eat a dick,” Ice T returns with a new vlog.

Hmmm. I think someone could use some summer classes at Apology School, with maybe just a few refresher courses on Staying Out Of It. Luckily for the producers of Law & Order: Sexy Victims Unit, the median age of an SVU viewer is 85 (it’s popop’s favorite), so most of them will never hear of this scandal.

The worst though is when Ice T’s son comes in at the end. “My dad may have been wrong to say it, but I’m 17, just sitting by the pool like any normal kid whose stepmom is a porn star and whose dad has been famous for twenty years. You should eat a dick. I can say that because my family has enough money that I lack the motivation to create my own sense of value in this world. That is some real talk for you. Y’heard? How was that, father? Was that keeping it streets? May I borrow the Lexus tonight?”

UPDATE: Kanye West proudly wears his Team Soulja Boy t-shirt.