Jerry Springer Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing At The A-List Awards Either

Kathy Griffin: the worst or not? Just kidding, she’s the worst. That woman is made out of orange plastic. And that’s just her personality! So Bravo’s first award show, The A-List Awards, airs tonight. Last week when the video surfaced of Lauren Hutton’s bizarre sleep-deprived acceptance speech, I suggested that Jerry Springer was making a weird face from the audience because Hutton was crazy. I’d like to retract that: it seems from this preview clip of Kathy Griffin and Lance Bass re-creating the incredibly relevant “wardrobe malfunction” from SuperBowl 2004 that Jerry Springer spent the entire show wondering just how the hell he got there:

Hopefully tonight they’ll linger even longer on Jerry’s face in every audience shot, and the show will take on some sort of actual meaning as we watch a man slowly disintegrate before our eyes as he realizes the evil he has helped to spawn. Or maybe he’ll just get some sort of award.