The Only Thing Fred’s Advertising Is Eugenics

So, there’s a new Fred video on YouTube today, and it’s already gotten 380,000 views. I continue to not get it. But this new video sheds some revealing light on Fred’s own motivations for making these insufferable videos. The opening shot features Fred complaining that “Judy” (an imaginary character who it is important to point out despite being imaginary ALSO can’t tolerate him) hasn’t texted him all day, and he holds up some sort of My First Blackberry to show that she’s non-responsive. Fair enough. Except that in the description of the video, Fred advises people to check out his new website, and it’s an advertisement for the weird Blackberry thing, which it turns out is called a ZipIt? And the ad stars Fred? He is their spokesperson? I hope they paid him in punches to the face.

Whoops, that’s your brand image.

I think there are definitely a few things that I would totally buy after watching a Fred video, like noise-canceling headphones, or an industrial grade eye-shower, or a gun with one bullet in it.