Nevermind, Joel McHale Of The Soup Is Still Our Best Cultural Critic

Yesterday I complained that The Soup hasn’t been as good lately. I must have just been grumpy about having to make that Survivor audition tape for Double Dog, because today’s wonderfully comprehensive interview with Joel McHale on the A/V Club has reinvigorated my belief that he will be the one to save us all.

Joel On The Significance Of The Pants-Crapping Scene On Flavor Of Love:

There is some stuff on television that is shocking that it’s on there, and shocking that it’s not being censored. We run to that with torches and pitchforks and go after it. On Flavor Of Love, when a woman took a dump on the stairs, I mean, that’s like J.R. being shot on Dallas, or like maybe the last episode of M*A*S*H. It’s a milestone on television that’s covered with chlamydia.

Joel On My Super Sweet Sixteen:

If you were to film a guy with food poisoning who was vomiting and crapping himself at the same time, it would be less offensive than this.

Joel On (Basically) Hate-Watching:

We should start our own network called IRO where everything you watch is like, “It’s ironic that I’m watching this. It’s campy. It’s contradictory.”

I think that channel exists and is called Lifetime. But Joel McHale is a hero.