Audrina Patridge Is Make The Words Come Out Like A Real Girl

Access Hollywood has an interview with Audrina Patridge on the set of Into the Blue 2. She is the smartest girl ever and when she grows up she’s going to be the first female President of Smartistan. At one point she’s asked how being in a movie is different from being on The Hills:

The difference is The Hills is not scripted and movies are scripted [Ed. Note: NAILED IT!]. So all the lines that I have I’ve memorized and I’ve got them down and you have to like turn it into being very natural and just come out like flow very easily, whereas The Hills you just kind of say whatever’s on the top of your head.

Man, this generation’s contribution to Bartlett’s Quotations is going to take up so many pages. Don’t get me wrong, we’re really smart at like saying things so they should make smart feelings, but in order to fully capture the soul’s like essence of words and stuff we’ll need more tree paper . And you can make fun of Audrina all you want for being clueless and functionally retarded, but what you can not make fun of her for is not knowing that movies are based on scripts, because she does know that. And you can also not make fun of her for not memorizing her lines because she’s got them down.

In another part of the interview Audrina says that she’s been told she’s following in the footsteps of Jessica Alba. Um, not so much. At best Audrina is following in the footsteps of Toni Ferrari.