Last Comic Standing’s “Yoda Guy” Tells All On YouTube

I was looking for video of last night’s Last Comic Standing and found something more charming: this comedian Tim Babb tried out for the show and didn’t make it or even get to meet the judges, which is as likely to be a compliment as an insult with that show. But Tim did, at one point, find himself in the “funny booth,” where a production assistant suggested that he do an impression. So he busted out with “stupid this impression is” in the voice of Yoda, which apparently has nothing to do with his act. After hearing from friends that he was on the show, Tim went home to watch his debut and share his mortification on YouTube. “There it is. There I am. On national television. Doing an impression of Yoda.”

Poor guy. It seems like he was making fun of Yoda impressions, and few comedians have such a sense of humor about themselves. The lesson: never agree to appear on TV. Here’s his website.